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We specialize in training kids and adults on manners and proper etiquette.  It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression. Proper social skills training allows you to learn what to do in social situations as well as help you learn what behaviors are expected within our society.



  Etiquette for your school/classroom


We will customize a lesson to fit the needs of your school. Submit a request to have us train your students and we will recommend a program to fit your needs. It is important for children to have proper social skills training.  Kids need social skills to succeed. A lesson on proper etiquette will allow kids to learn the difference between right and wrong, help kids focus on their actions, and it will show them how to respect  others. Kids are learning from their surroundings.  There is an increase in children behaving badly as well as a rise in the amount of kids being bullied. The amount of cases of bullying can be reduced by practicing respective and responsible behavior taught in etiquette class. Some kids are only doing what they know how to do and have been taught to do. Today, there is a lack of respect and manners when it comes to  adults, guardians, and teachers. Our kids need to be aware of the behaviors expected in our society. Social skills are very important for everyday life.

 I just absolutely love your etiquette classes!
My daughter really enjoyed your class at Nordstrom. She learned a lot about wearing make-up and picking out the perfect outfit with shoes and accessories to match.

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