Introducing the Fine Art of Etiquette to Young Ladies and Gentlemen

There's truly something for almost everyone in this engaging book. Introducing the Fine Art of Etiquette to Young Ladies and Gentlemen will help young ladies and gentlemen of all ages become familiar with proper etiquette and will allow them to have the good manners their parents and grandparents will be proud of. What makes this book by Michelle Marts-Shannon so interesting is that it introduces young ladies and gentlemen to information that will assist them in their everyday life since you usually don't know what to do until you are told what to do. They will also become familiar with the social skills society expects and requires from them on a day-to-day basis as they get older. Introducing the Fine Art of Etiquette to Young Ladies and Gentlemen will show young ladies and gentlemen how to walk, sit, stand, behave at the table and dress appropriately for any occasion as well as how to properly sit down at a formal or informal table setting and eat their meal. With an added bonus of a fun and easy to read children's book to teach the younger children good manners and etiquette.

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Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking

Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking will help young ladies learn how to follow simple recipes in addition to learning much needed tips on manners. Young ladies are introduced to the long-standing tradition of grandmothers, mothers and daughters in the kitchen. Included in the cookbook, are pages for young ladies to take their own notes and write down recipes of their own. There are also tips on manners for young ladies and tips on how a young lady should behave as well as carry herself in social situations. All young ladies who read Introducing a Young Lady to Cooking will know how to prepare a meal and set the table with the practical place setting guide provided to teach young ladies how each place setting should look when preparing the table for a meal. There are a lot of cookbooks out there, but this cookbook is geared specifically to young ladies and people who have a desire to start cooking. Learning just a few kitchen basics can make cooking easy and enjoyable!


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Mama's Lesson ON Table Manners


Mama’s Lesson on Table Manners: A Refresher Course is an eBook that you will love to read as you will remember what you were taught about table manners. Mama always did try to tell us to mind our manners. Good manners can be taught by anyone but mama gave you your first lesson. Knowing proper table manners can make any social situation more comfortable and pleasant. This eBook can also be used as a quick refresher guide to refer to before going out to eat.  

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