Standard Etiquette Classes for Girls and Boys  Individual fun and interactive etiquette classes for girls and boys. Individual classes including: Everyday Manners, Respect Etiquette, Table/Dining Etiquette, and Social Etiquette.  For Example: Table Manners Class, The children will role-play and become the wait staff, hosts, cooks,  and more to create a fun and enjoyable dining experience as they are taught a lesson on table manners they won't forget.

Etiquette Certificate of Excellence Program for Girls and Boys    Mind Your Manners! Sign up for a 3 hour workshop in this fun and interactive program.  We will meet once per month in a group setting. Topics will include: Everyday Manners, Respect Etiquette, Table/Dining Manners, and Social Etiquette. 

Missy Prissy's Book Club for Girls : A Self Awareness and Social Skills Group for Girls  The focus of this  group is to  empower girls through a collection of books and activities.  The participants should build confidence, self-awareness and communication skills. We will meet once per week in a group setting.  The class will end with a field trip to a play. Ages 7-14. Contact us for more information for girls 4yrs - 7yrs. ‚ÄčAsk about our Field Trip. Sign Up Today!

Introducing a Young Lady Fashion Show  Has your young lady ever dreamed of being in the spotlight or on stage? Our fashion show for young ladies may be just what you are looking for. We are having a fashion show for young ladies ages 4 - 18.

Contact Us to sign up your young lady or to get full details. Ticket information coming soon for  2018 Macy's Fashion Show.

Girlfriends Tea Party (for all ages)  It's our Annual Tea Party with a different theme... This year we are having a Girlfriends Tea Party so get your girlfriends together now, get your big hats (optional) and get ready for a Tea Party that you won't wanna miss. We will play fun tea party games, eat delicious tea foods, drink hot or cold tea, and have a fun and interactive lesson on Tea Party Etiquette that will prepare you for your next Tea Party. Ticket information coming soon for June 2019 Tea Party.

Kids Who Lunch  Kids love going to lunch so what better way to introduce them to restaurants in and around Los Angeles than a group etiquette class.  Our city has a variety of restaurants and it is important that children are introduced to a variety of restaurants and various styles of eating when it comes to eating out. Children should be aware that there is a proper way to eat all foods. Children will learn about each restaurant, what's on their menu, visit various restaurants, and learn proper table manners for dining out.  

Instructional Table Manners Lunch for Kids  Children will attend our lunch in semi-formal attire.  We will walk the children through a four course meal with a lesson on proper table manners.

Ticket information coming soon for Etiquette Lunch.

Adult Etiquette Classes  Please contact us if you are interested in our adult etiquette classes... we need a group of 3 or more to hold a class. Table Setting Class, What's Appropriate vs. What's Not, etc...  Ask about our Adult Etiquette Parties.

Dress to Impress.... Appropriate Attire Class "Fashion Etiquette at Macy's"  One of our most popular classes!  Join us for an exciting class on appropriate attire.  Find out what to wear and when to wear it.  Also, find out what the hottest fashions and colors will be this year.  Our class includes a special VIP department store tour and lunch that you won't wanna miss. (Ages 5 and up).  Contact Us to Attend Our Next Class... 

Please Call or Contact Us for class dates, prices, and more information....



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Standard Etiquette Classes for Girls and Boys

Etiquette Certificate of Excellence Program for Girls and Boys

Introducing a Young Lady Fashion Show

Missy Prissy's Book Club for Girls : A Self Awareness and Social Skills Group for Girls

    Girlfriends Tea Party (for all ages)

Kids Who Lunch

Instructional Table Manners Lunch for Kids

Adult Etiquette Classes

Dress to Impress... Appropriate Attire Class